Titan Standard

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Titan Standard

On the hunting ground every shot counts.
Hunting success and correct procedure depend on the precision and handling of the weapon when making the shot. The TITAN impressively combines all the properties of a reliable repeating rifle.

In the decisive seconds before the shot, operation is quick and easy and firing is accurate. Sturdy in finish and elegant in appearance, the TITAN copes with all the demands of everyday hunting.

TITAN rifles are available in all main calibres from .222 Rem. to .375 Ruger, a caliber for every type of hunting.

Technické parametre

Špecifikácia Titan Standard

Caliber Titan 3 (3 bold lugs) 222Rem.; .223Rem.; 5,6 x 50 Mug.; .22-250
Caliber Titan 6 (6 bold lugs) 6mmNormaBR; 6mm XC; .243Win.; .25-06Rem.; 6,5-284; 6,5x47Lapua; 6,5x55Se; 6,5x57; 6,5x65RWS; 7x57; 7x64; .270Win.; 7mm-08Rem.; 7,62x39; .308Win.; .30-06Sprg.; .358Win.; 8x57IS; 9,3x62; 6,5x68; 8x68S; 7mmRem.Mag.; .270WSM; .300WSM; .300Win.Mag.; .338Win.Mag.; .375Ruger;
Barrel Specialist gun barrel steel, interchangeable barrels for different calibres. Threading for sound moderators as option available.
Barrel length (mm) 56 cm (Magnum calibre 61 cm)
Breech Cylinder breech block with 6 bolt lugs (Titan 3 with 3 bolt lugs)
Bolt locking mechanism In the barrel
Bolt handle straight, curved (optional)
Opening angle 60°
Recoil bed Embedded in the stock.
Trigger Choice of forward set trigger or shotgun style trigger.
Safety Slide safety at rear of action. 3 position safety for shotgun style trigger. 2 position safety for forward set trigger.
Sight (when fitted) Variable height beam sight with V-notch. Sighting notch may be changed do either side.
Magazine Detachable magazine, 3 shots (Magnum calibre 2 shots).
Accessories Extended detachable magazine, 5 shots (Magnum calibre 4 shots).
Magazine frame Synthetic, with integrated trigger guard, glass fibre reinforced, stable in shape, impact resistant.
Weight Approx. 2.9 kg (Magnum calibre 3.0 kg)
Total length 108 cm (Magnum calibre 113 cm).
Telescopic sight mounting Action casing is prepared for standard commercial SEM, swing or fixed mounting.

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