PPS Police 9 mm x 19

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PPS Police 9 mm x 19

The „Police Pistol Slim” follows the legendary PPK.

Equipped with unique WALTHER features such as the patented QuickSafe, variable magazine capacities and variable backstrap sizes, the WALTHER PPS is a worthy successor to the legendary PPK – the "Polizei Pistole Kriminal". Despite its large caliber of 9x19 or .40 S&W, the PPS is a pistol with extremely slim dimensions – in the classic WALTHER design.
The highest possible safety is paired with a high degree of comfort during concealed carry.

It's like the PPS was locked: WALTHER QuickSafe.
Safety redefined: The partially cocked striker assembly is decocked simply by removing the backstrap. The removed backstrap therefore doubles as a "key" – without it, the pistol can't be fired! So when the backstrap and the pistol are stored separately, the PPS is safeguarded against unauthorized use. WALTHER QuickSafe - maximum safety can be that easy!

Variable frame length and magazine capacity.
With three magazines of differing length (6, 7 & 8 rounds), the frame length can be perfectly adjusted to the individual hand size.

More power.
The PPS actually has more power than a Walther PPK, yet with almost identical dimensions.

Technické parametre

Špecifikácia PPS Police 9 mm x 19

System Semi-Automatic
Caliber 9 mm x 19
Capacity 6 / 7 / 8 shots - S / M / L magazine
Maximum energy 489 (depends on ammunition)
Velocity 350 m/sec (depends on ammunition)
Safety Trigger and internal striker safety, QuickSafe
Grip 2 interchangable backstraps, 3 different grip leng
Trigger partially cocked striker assembly
Trigger weight (g) 2700
Trigger travel (mm) 6
Length between trigger and backstrap (mm) 67
Distance from center of barrel to shooting hand (mm) 20
Sights Steel, Phosphor 3-dot
Sight length (mm) 137
Barrel 6 grooves / lands
Barrel length (mm) 81
Dimensions (L/H/W mm) 160/112/23 (27)
Weight (g) 550 without magazine
Note Weaver Accessory rail
Note Grip circumference 134 mm
Packaging Plastic Case