KK300 Anatomic bench rest, right-handed system, M-grip

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KK300 Anatomic bench rest, right-handed system, M-grip

As with the air rifle, the ANATOMIC-KK stock has been designed right from the start for bench rest shooting too. The butt plate permits every conceivable variation, while the cheek piece can be set well back and ends in a rounded end piece. The supplied sight elevation can be shifted to the rear, and the grip offers thanks to its wide scope for movement the maximum degree of variability. The wide rest surface made of wood is of course parallel to the barrel and, with its 10 centimeters of extra length (when the stock is rested), is a big help in countering sway when in the firing stance.

The ANATOMIC-KK stock makes use mainly of the dimensions and components known from the air rifle. In the adjustability of butt plate, cheek piece, grip and fore-end, it beats all currently available sporting rifles. Easy accessibility and dependable functioning of the adjustment options are particularly noteworthy. Components of aluminium and stainless steel ensure durability and precision of the mechanisms. A pleasing feature is that practically all settings can be made in the firing position, because the fastening parts and setting wheels are fitted strictly in accordance with ergonomic considerations. For example, anybody wishing to move the cheek piece a few millimeters to the side, or even to rotate it while shooting, will be delighted at how easy and precise this is with the ANATOMIC.

To be equally serviceable for both shorter and very tall users, the ANATOMIC stock has a short basic length and a low basic weight. That allows younger people or more petite ladies to set the dimensions that suit them without difficulty, and also to handle a low weight. Different grip sizes ensure a good hold on the pistol grip. There are sufficient additional parts available to extend and weight the stock, and they also allow the balance of the rifle to be regulated as wished.

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Špecifikácia KK300 Anatomic bench rest, right-handed system, M-grip

System Bolt action, right-hand controls
Caliber .22 l.r.
Capacity Single-shot rifle
Safety yes
Stock Stock carrier laminated wood
Grip right M
Trigger Two-stage trigger
Trigger weight (g) 50-130
Sights Insight-Out Competition sight and Centra foresight holder
Sight length (mm) 790
Barrel length (mm) 650
Dimensions (L/H/W mm) 1070/220/60
Weight (g) 6260
Packaging Plastic case

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