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Walther marks its 130th anniversary with two unique sporting arms!

Founded in 1886, Walther has been an industry leader all the way up to this year’s anniversary and is renowned throughout the world as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art pistols and high-precision match rifles. But did you know that we also have traditional gunsmiths who do custom work?
The special LP400 and LG400 models, with the designation “130 years”, demonstrate their technical skill.
They are being manufactured in a limited edition with the special number ranges LP-130xxx and LG-130xxx, for delivery in March/April. The frame and compensator of the LP and the stock carrier and tube of the LG are anodized in genuine gold. On each model, special engraving and the logo of the Walther master workshop bear witness to the exclusive design. The value of these weapons is additionally enhanced by walnut add-on parts and a certificate.

Technické parametre


System Compressed air 300 and 200 bar
Caliber 4.5 mm (.177) pellet
Cylinder Steel cylinder with pressure gauge
Capacity Approx. 800 shots / cylinder
Maximum energy 7.5 Joules
Stock Aluminium stock carrier
Stock length (mm) 310-390
Grip MEMORY 3D-grip PROTOUCH, right M
Trigger Two-stage and dry-firing trigger
Trigger weight (g) 50-120
Sights BASIC competition sight and Centra foresight holde
Sight length (mm) 650-850
Barrel Carbon barrel jacket
Barrel length (mm) 420
Dimensions (L/H/W mm) 1075-1100/290/50
Weight (g) 4200
Packaging Plastic case

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